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Foundation Course

Foundation course


Our highly sought-after Arabic foundation course offers a comprehensive learning experience, which includes our esteemed online Quran classes for kids. Designed to cater to individuals of all levels, Through this course you will learn Quran recitation. It serves as a stepping stone towards Recite Quran Beautifully with proficiency and precision. By enrolling in our online Quran classes, you will not only acquire the necessary skills to recite the Quran properly but also gain fluency in speaking Arabic and Easy Quran reading. Our dedicated instructors will guide you through the intricacies of Quran recitation course and equip you with the linguistic tools to communicate fluently in Arabic. Join our online Quran classes and Quran recitation course today and unlock the transformative power of mastering both Recite Quran beautifully and spoken aspects of the Arabic language through our comprehensive Arabic foundation course.

3 tips for Consistent Quran Reading, 3rd one is important!:


Courses on the Quran Online with Kheir Academy Seeking direction from Prophet Muhammad’s teachings is crucial to continuing a regular Quran reading routine ( peace be upon him). The following three priceless suggestions will enable you to continue reading the Quran according to the Islamic path.

Tip 1: Praise the Magnificence of Reading the Qur’an

“Whoever recites a letter from the Book of Allah will be credited with a good deed, and a good deed gets an en-fold price,” said the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). I do not claim that Alif, Lam, and Mim are one letter; rather, I say that Alif, Lam, and Mim are three letters. Recognizing the immense value attributed to every verse in the Quran acts as an important provocation to engage in regular Quran reading.

Tip 2 Learn how to read the Quran daily

You must acquire the skills of proper Quran reading and Quran enumeration to improve your Quran reading experience. Opportunities to study from excellent Arabic preceptors can be found by enrolling in online Quran programs like those provided by Kheir Academy or by asking for advice from your original mosque. A closer bond with the Quranic textbook is guaranteed when the Quran is recited beautifully under the direction of an expert.

Tip 3 Making Duaa

It is essential to consistently make Duaa (requests) to Allah in order to keep your Quran reading habit thick. Seek success and attachment in your journey of reading and comprehending the Quran from Allah, the Most Merciful. Seek Allah’s blessings and direction through true Duaa to establish a strong bond with His divine words.


You can create a peaceful and fulfilling Easy Quran reading practice by enforcing these three guidelines: feting the superiority of Quran reading, enrolling in online Quran classes and Quran enumeration courses for proper literacy, and pursuing success through soliciting. Enroll in the online Quran courses offered by Kheir Academy to have access to professional supervision and start your rewarding Quran study journey. Our online Quran classes cater to all levels of learners, regardless of experience. I pray that Allah would guide and prosper you on your Quran reading journey.

Online Quran classes for beginners (Kids and Adults)

Course Overview:

Introduction to online Quran classes

Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran, is extremely important because it was the language used to provide the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) divine revelations. With the help of our extensive course, students may build a solid foundation in reading and pronunciation by mastering Arabic rudiments and signs.

Course Curriculum:

Letters: Learning Proper Pronunciation and Articulation In this section, students will delve into the correct pronunciation and articulation of Arabic alphabets. Through interactive lessons, they will grasp the individual sounds of each letter, mastering the fundamental building blocks of the Arabic language.

Connecting Letters: Formation and Phonetics Building upon their knowledge of individual letters, students will learn how to connect different alphabets. This includes understanding the phonetic variations that occur when letters are joined, equipping learners with the skills to read and write Arabic words seamlessly.

Signs: Differentiating and Understanding Their Impact This section focuses on the various signs used in Arabic script and their influence on the phonetics of Arabic letters. Students will gain proficiency in differentiating between signs such as short vowels (fathah, dammah, kasrah), other signs (shaddah, sukoon, tanween), and long vowels (alif madd, wow madd, yaa madd)

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, students will achieve the following learning objectives:

Differentiate between different Arabic alphabets accurately.
Understand and apply the correct phonetics of Arabic alphabets.
Connect letters properly to form words and sentences.
Identify and comprehend the significance of various signs in Arabic script and their impact on pronunciation.

Our Expert Teachers:

At Kheir Academy, we take pride in our exceptional teaching staff. Our teachers are highly qualified graduates of Al Azhar University and possess Ijaza in teaching the Arabic language. Equipped with the latest technological tools, they deliver online classes using modern teaching methods. This ensures that our students have a remarkable and immersive learning experience with dedicated guidance from experienced instructors.


Enroll in our Arabic Alphabets and Signs course at Kheir Academy to master the essential foundations of the Arabic language. Gain proficiency in pronunciation, letter connection, and understanding of signs. Learn from our expert teachers and experience the convenience of online learning, enhanced by modern teaching techniques. Start your journey toward fluency in Arabic today!