The Prophet Muhammed PBUH said:

“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”

With us, at Kheir Academy, you will learn the Quran from an absolute beginner level to mastery. All of that done online from the comfort of your home.

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Who we are

We are an online Quran academy primarily dedicated to educating you or your children according to what Allah says in the noble Quran. Our approach is not restricted to memorizing the Quran, although that’s one of the most honorable things to do. We won’t help you memorize the Quran only; instead, we will guide you to live accordingly.

Now, pick a course and start your learning journey today.

Our Arabic foundation course prepares you to recite the holy Quran with the correct accent. 

It is probably one of the best ways to uplift one’s spirits and make you come closer to Allah.

Course has been designed to  develop a deeper understanding of the Islamic values and principles

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Why Choose Us

Best Tutors:

Arabic native expert teachers (male & female) graduated from Al-azhar and different Islamic universities.

progress reports and certificates:

Continuous follow-up of your son's progress through daily and monthly reports through e-mails.

24/7 support and classes:

Non-stop support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also online classes in any times during the seven week days.

Male and Female teachers:

Our female and male teachers are highly experienced in teaching young and old, and are qualified to teach online.

Fair Price:

We offer a distinguished educational service at affordable prices, and high discounts for families.

1 on 1online classes:

Be in classes with one of the best teachers in the Middle East in one-to-one classes, and memorize Quran in short time.

Group for Arabic language and Islamic studies:

Learn with others, gain encouragement from others, and meet students of different nationalities from around the world.

100% money back gurantee:

We accept 100% money back of your tuition payments if you are not satisfied with the services provided.