The Islamic studies course

The course overview

  • The Goal

The main goal of that program is to equip the Muslim with what he can’t ignore from Islamic beliefs to Islamic Fiqh

  • The Content

There are two areas that are going to be the main focus of the program

1- Islamic Beliefs: We put a high value on answering any burning question for you and your children about Allah. Not only that, but we also delve into the beautiful names of Allah in order to deepen the relationship between them and Allah.

2- Islamic Fiqh: The three core pillars are going to be covered: Purification, dealings and the family

  • Prior Knowledge

That’s a foundational Islamic course, so you do not need any prior knowledge. And if you are looking for something much more demanding you can can contact us

Our Expert Teachers:

At Kheir Academy, we take pride in our exceptional teaching staff. Our teachers are highly qualified graduates of Al Azhar University and possess Ijaza in teaching the Arabic language. Equipped with the latest technological tools, they deliver online classes using modern teaching methods. This ensures that our students have a remarkable and immersive learning experience with dedicated guidance from experienced instructors.

Tajweed Lessons

Recommended study plans

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$120 $102/month
  • 4 Classes weekly
  • 16 Classes monthly
  • 45 mins for the class
  • 12 hours monthly

The Super hero

$150 $127/month
  • 5 Classes weekly
  • 20 Classes monthly
  • 45 mins for the class
  • 15 hours monthly
100% money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied

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